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Hi folks, I know it's been a while but family life, work etc. Firstly Holly has just been back from university for few days which was really nice. She has been going to some open mike stuff down in Plymouth and is teaming up with another girl who sings and plays guitar, which is really cool so we'll have to watch out!Now finally after God knows how long, we got our mechanical licence for House of the Rising Sun, So our EP Washed Stones is now, as we speak, on iTunes and soon Amazon and lots of other places worldwide, somplease go and download it - we're very proud of it. At the moment we have not moved forward in getting the CD made so this is the only way of getting your hands on it but if that is what you want there will be a wait and I'm not sure when that will happen so keep checking the website for news. 
So for now it's bye bye and see ya later,
Keif x

Xmas Cheer & Late License  

Hi folks, we hope you all had a great Xmas. We had some time away with family by the sea near Beachy Head in Sussex - a really great time, well fed and relaxed! A good end to the year too as we found out that "Keeping Me Waiting" was played today on, You can listen again on New Years Eve at 7pm and hear Luke Jackson and loads of other fine peeps on the same show, so check it out!
We've had a problem releasing "Washed Stones" EP on iTunes as "House of the Rising Sun" needs a mechanical license before it can be released. You can get it on our website store though before it goes out on general release (

As we speak, John Younge is getting very close to the finished design for the CD cover and hope to get that and the licensing issue sorted so we can release the physical CD and the full download it at the same time.

In the meantime, have a great New Year and we'll see you all in 2015
 Keif, Liz & Holly xxx 

Washed Stones RELEASE! 

Well folks, I know it's been a long time in coming but we think it's been worth the wait, so here it is - our new EP - just in time for XMAS! We're so proud of it and hope you like it. You can check it out here  or here at our Cd baby page and buy it before it gets out on iTunes. If you like it, please share the links and news with your friends to help promote it and keep independent music alive. The physical CD will be available as soon as the artwork is finished and as always John Younge's designs are worth holding on for. We hope you all like it - please send us your feedback as we'd love to hear from you. Oh and one last thing! Could you leave a review on the Cd baby page?
Happy Christmas and thanks to everyone for your support, it means a great deal to us!
Keif x

So What's Happening Now? 

Hi folks, so last week we took a break and went to Brighton's Concord 2 venue to see "Gomez". We've liked this band for a long time but never seen them play live, what a surprise! Thought they might be quite mellow but WOW they were absolutely rockin! really loud to boot-  fantastic! The bass was pushing through the chest. tracks like "Whippin' Piccadilly" which move anyway were a lot more kicking. For those of you who don't know this band, how to describe them? Well, mmm let me think, they are psychedelic, folk, rock, funky, pop and definitely experimental. Wasn't together enough to give you set order but check out "Out West (Live) album to get the vibe, we came out with ears ringing, very hot and smiling they were sooooo good.

Update on the EP news, the artwork is coming on well, almost there and looking fab. This week we had a meeting with co-writer Sue Fenton to play her the tracks which she loved thankfully and to get her to help us with the EP notes and  update the website welcome page. Once the artwork is done we can press the physical copies, get some promotion sorted and get CD Baby to submit it to iTunes,Amazon etc so keep checking the website for up-dates.
See ya soon,
Keif x

Sneaky Peek! 

Hi folks, so now you can get a sneaky peek of what is to come! We have uploaded a taster of 'Keeping Me Waiting', the first track off our next EP 'Washed Stones' and you can find it on the homepage of our website (on the music player). We have joined up with John Younge once again for the artwork which is already past the concept stage and looking good. The EP will be available as download but also as a CD with a double pull out cover. As well as John's beautiful artwork, there will be lots of pictures of us and the guys at Chris Davis' and plenty of background info too.  Honestly, we're well pleased with what we've done so far (Chris D we're not worthy, we're not worthy ..) and we're gagging to get it out to you all to see what you think and get your feedback. We really hope you will love it too.

Very exciting breaking news - we may be putting together a short video for 'Keeping Me Waiting' so watch this space! In the meantime, have a listen to the sneak peek on the music player and let us know what you think.
Take care,
Keif x 

EP news update 

Hi folks, well now all the music has been recorded the last note played, with "Keeping Me Waiting" mixed and finished as is "Washed Stones" ."House of the Rising Sun" needs just a few tweaks and has two different endings (perhaps we'll save one for the album or the 12" single?). Anyway, can't wait to get this out now but we still have to get the artwork sorted and formats and promotion - still, we shall get a snippet of "Keeping Me Waiting" on the website shortly, once the mastering is done. It's getting very exciting now and a big thanks goes out to Chris Davies for all the time and patience he has devoted to this project  We think it's probably the best piece of work we've done and Chris has played no small part in that. So there's the story  of the EP so far  - keep watching this space for the next updates.

New Music:
I was watching Jools Holland show later the other night and came across Adam Cohen, Leonard Cohen's son. What a voice! The album" We Go Home" is so good with stand out tracks including "Too Real" which is so cool  (think "Walk On The Wild Side" )and "Love is". If you haven't such heard this gem of an album, turn the lights down low and give it a listen, I really can't recommend this enough.

By for now,
Keif x


Keif says, keep cool it's almost ready

Another visit to the seaside 

Hi Peeps, after another long gap! We took Holly the Plymouth University and as far as I can make out fresher's week was manic. Not done it myself but she is a well grounded girl so I know she'll cope .... This morning after a nice sunny breakfast we packed our kit, Telecaster de-lux, keyboards and my second acoustic guitar (the Yamaha LL6) and headed for Chris Davis's seaside home studio by the sea to put all the extra bits and bobs - all "the icing on the cake" - on our next EP "Washed Stones". Again Chris was great and we got a lot done in a short space of time with Chris putting down some fine mandolin on "Keeping Me Waiting" and me sticking on some tremolo Tele sound too. Liz and I put a very few vocal overdubs on 'Washed Stones' and Liz added some haunting synth sounds! Can't wait for you to hear this track. Lastly, I put some backing vocals down on "House of the Rising Sun"; Chris will add a touch of guitar and tambourine later. So we ran out of time for mixing but the time was well spent.  We hope you'll agree! The next few weeks will be spent batting mixes forwards 'n' back via email to get it right, sorting artwork etc. so we hope to have it ready by Xmas fingers crossed.

By the way, if you want to see some pics of today's session, take a look at the bottom of our  Vid & Pics page. Sorry they are not at the top as usual but there are some gremlins at work on our site.
love Keif x.

Life, the Universe & Everything 

Hi folk's it's been a while, so many apologies for that; as usual family life has been manic. After a year of my mother being more in hospital than out, she passed away peacefully on the 21st of June. On a more positive note Holly has finished her exams is off to start life as a university student in less than a month. Wow - plenty of change at both ends of the age spectrum there!

We have just got back from a much needed holiday in Devon which was fantastic lots of sun, sea sand and surf. Looks like we now have some proper surfer dudes in the family :).  We are hoping to get back into the studio in the next month to finish off the mixing and recording overdubs for our EP that was put on hold while real life intervened, so keep an eye out on the website for the latest developments. We will be posting progress reports and other stuff as usual including the release date so stay in touch and online.

Well that's about all for now, any questions don't hesitate to drop us a line we would love to hear from you.
Bye for now

Just A quick one! 

Well hello folks it's been a while, Holly's right into studying mode for upcoming A level exams and we've been batting ideas back and forth with Chris for the mix of Washed Stones. I must say it is really gonna be something else! Keeping Me Waiting is starting to take shape too; we haven't done anything with House of the Rising Sun yet but that's going to have a live vibe to it. I have just sent a picture to John who put the Harmony Tree artwork together, so we're moving forward with the cover and as you might have noticed we've been taking lots photos of the sessions and will be looking to put a slide show of the making of the EP with music! Washed Stones is fitting really well at the moment.
Changing subject, I was listening to the Robert Elms show the other day. He was playing the regular cover to cover song, which was Dr Feelgood's "Going Back Home" and Wilco Johnson's new take on it with Roger Daltrey. The album is the same name with Norman Wat-Roy on bass it's just great, earthy and Daltrey is growling with a real menace! I could go through the whole album track by track but all I can say is go and get it, it won't disappoint. That's my tip for the week and where I shall end this blog.
See ya soon on the Pimlico Road,
Keif x


Vocal Bliss 

Hi folks, last weekend we packed our voices in a bag and headed back to the seaside to Chris' place to lay down the vocal tracks for our upcoming double A sided single, (plus Washed stones). In the meantime Ian Holder ( Gary's dad ) had pitched up early and with a smile on his face was waiting to get cracking. ( Unknown to us he had already laid down his accordion track!) . So with a wink from Chris all we had to do was listen to his track, say it was cool and say goodbye as he had a gig to go to. ( Many thanks Ian!). Now it was the girls turn to lay down the vocals for House of the Rising Sun, but like the guys, in theory what should have been a simple track to record turned out to be the hardest! So they took a break and warmed up their voices with songs ranging from Grease to Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, which did the trick. And now we have some great vocals and accordion onto which is already a great track, can't wait to mix this down now!
Now it was my turn to step up to the plate and put down the lead vocals for Washed Stones. After some good advice from Liz I sang a pretty emotive vocal track which brought a tear from Chris, which made me feel well chuffed that he felt the emotion of the song. With my part now done the girls stepped forward to lay down some beautiful harmonies which we double tracked. I feel we really caught the mood of this song and can't wait to start mixing it too.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for al his hard work, patience and creative input. It's been a fun and refreshing way to record! Keep an eye out for the next instalment.
See ya'll on the Pimlico Road
Keif x
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