Pimlico Road are Keif Anderson (guitars and vocals), Liz (Poynter) Anderson (vocals and synth) and their daughter Holly (vocals). Together they use folk, country & Americana - flavoured with a sprinkle of rock 'n pop influences -  in an acoustic setting, as a backdrop for their strong self-penned vocal harmony sound.
Keif and Liz first played in bands together years ago and more recently resurrected their musical career after a move to the Surrey countryside by playing at charity gigs and at open mic nights and on local radio.
This was followed by the release of their 2012 EP The Harmony Tree, which is about to be joined by their new EP, Washed Stones.
The name Pimlico Road was inspired by Keif's day job as a cab driver. He just happened to be driving along a street in a certain area of London while he was thinking about what the band could call themselves. And so Pimlico Road was born!
The Pimlicos' vocal sound is strong and identifiable, reflecting a whole host of influences from the Beatles and the Stones to Led Zepplin, Seth Lakeman & Alison Krauss, via Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkel, Gomez and The Kings of Leon. That's not to mention Bob Marley, Wilson Picket, James Brown, The Civil Wars...
A variety of musicians join the Pimlicos from time to time at gigs or for recordings. The recording of Washed Stones saw the band work with Tim Houston (on percussion and cajon) and Gary Holder (double bass) while Chris Davies played lead acoustic guitar and mandolin, as well as engineering and producing the EP.
During the recording the band were also joined by Gary's dad, Ian, on accordion and his talented son, Tom, on a variety of instruments. Notably, Tom surprised everyone, not least himself, by grabbing his cello and improvising along – it was possibly the last instrument anyone would have considered using, but it worked!
The resulting EP is almost 100% 'natural': the only engineered bits were the maracas on the refreshing re-imagining of the old favourite House of the Rising Sun and the trumpet sound on Keeping me Waiting, which was done on a synthesiser.
Keif says the collaborative approach works well for the band. “When I write songs I've always got a 'full band' sound in my head – I know how the song could sound - and these guys have helped me bring those ideas to reality. They have been brilliant to work with; they brought real energy and a nice fresh sound. With Keeping me Waiting, right from its origins at a jamming session at a local pub, I always had in mind a kind of spaghetti western overtone and we achieved that with using my old Fender Telecaster De-lux and Toms Tijuana brass style Keyboards also Ian’s accordion and a fair bit of mixing. And House of the Rising Sun took us back to our roots as a harmony-based Americana band. We think this is our best sound so far.”
The band have grown in confidence over the past couple of years since recording The Harmony Tree, through doing a variety of live gigs in locations as diverse as village halls to the Horsham Capitol Theatre and London's Troubadour Club – in configurations ranging from just the three Andersons, unplugged, to a stage full of musicians including double bass, mandolin, electric guitar and drums.
Keif says: “With Holly now away at university it's become harder to do live shows but we hope to do some more in the summer. In the meantime we'll be recording Holly's voice when she's at home on breaks from uni so that her voice part can be edited into some material we're planning to record There's certainly plenty of material for the new album: there are many Anderson/Poynter-penned songs waiting to see the light of day from the family archive and also material created with co-writers such as Sue Fenton, who co-wrote Hearts of Men and Girl on my Mind, two of the songs from the live shows. for an album next year.”
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  3. 3 House of the Rising Sun 02:22 Info
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  4. 4 House of the Rising Sun (Extended Mix) 02:31 Info
  5. 5 Losing Carolina 04:49 Lyrics
  6. 6 Those Days 03:14 Info
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  7. 7 Julianna 07:43 Info
  8. 8 It's Too Late 03:38
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check out "House of the rising sun" extended mix

Just added to the music player "House of the Rising Sun" (extended mix) from the recording session with Chris Davis a bit of fun at the end!

New songs: Johnny Slick Johnny & Going Wild in the Country

  1. Click on the Firts sound cloud symbol bellow and you should get my new solo song "Johnny Slick Johnny" click on the second symbol and should take you straight to "Going Wild in the Country" , let us know what you think! Thanks Keif x
  2. both tracks are not the finished article may I hasten to add just for you to check out and feed back, 😎

You can now listen to the whole of "Keeping Me Waiting"

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Here it is what you've been waiting for, Washed Stones EP!
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From Recording session

The cajun king

Happy to be recording again, click on pic to see more from the session

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Holly Live At The Rochester Sweeps

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Washed Stones EP has been released so far on here at our Store  and at Cd baby get it at these before iTunes, etc NOTE this will NOT be available on Spotify or Rhapsody this time!

Jolene Live at Storytellers

Original set list from Gary Holders Acoustic Showcase 2013

Hct set list smaller

Gary Holders Acoustic Showcase 2013, Set List


Rockin out at the Troubadour

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'Special' riot .....

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Loud smiles at Quiet Riot!

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Washed Stones live at Storytellers

Gary Holders Acoustic Showcase 2013 Gig at The Horsham Capitol Theatre
If ya missed it, you can watch the gig in set order  from the comfort of your own sofa, with the original set list too. pics to follow

another angle of Keeping Me Waiting

Losing Carolina Live at The Horsham Capitol Theatre

Washed Stones Live at the Capitol

Hearts Of Men Live at The Capitol

Get it Right Live at The Capitol

Live at The Capitol Theatre Horsham "Keeping Me Waiting

At Croydon Radio with James

Dsc 1007

Love this pic with Alan Hare

Pimlico raod 36

Rochester Sweeps

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Harmony tree
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